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  • Ashley Adkins

All in the Details

In 2014, we were fortunate enough to take our first family vacation to Disney World. A handful of friends are totally obsessed with Disney (you know who you are!) but I wasn’t so sure about all the hype. I was sure I would enjoy the trip but I was determined not to become “one of those Disney people.” Then I accidentally became “one of those Disney people.” Turns out the place really is magical. Luggage magically appears in your room before you arrive. Every cast member says “Happy Anniversary!” when they see your button and sound like they mean it. Not a speck of trash on the ground. You even get to wear magic in the form of Magic Bands that allow you to skip ahead in lines. It’s all in the details!

As you might already know, Nick and I had the opportunity to travel to Wisconsin and attend the 2019 Escape Adulthood Summit hosted by Jason and Kim Kotecki last month. Again, the magic was in the details. We received literal golden tickets, which were required for entry into the summit. The agenda was secret and doors did not open to the venue until the minute the event truly began. Dessert was cotton candy and s’mores. We were gifted two copies of Jason’s book at the very end of the summit – one for us and one for us to gift to someone we knew would appreciate it. The entire summit was carefully planned and executed and that really does make all the difference.​

Take a moment to think about the details. Whether it is in relation to your kids or work or writing or illustrating – zoom in on the details and mix it up a bit.

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