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Nick Adkins Creative Works


Nick Adkins is a writer and game designer. He considers himself to be an 'ideas' guy with designated notebooks and undesignated notebook margins chock-full of titles, story elements, characters, doodles, and lines of dialogue. Nick prides himself on learning new skills on the fly and is always eager to add new tools to his toolbox. 

Projects - MSU MI 230,
Board Game Design

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Tetramorium Caespitum

ANT is a colony-building tabletop game where players extend their network of tunnels and are of exploration. Gather food and water to create new nurseries and build new nests. But the life of an ant is not without danger. Beware of predators, feet, tires, and bratty human adolescents with magnifying glasses!

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Redshift 7

Whispers at the local watering holes say there’s unfathomable treasure to be found in the distant Redshift 7 galaxy. But whispers spread like an engine fire in these parts and you're not the only desperate soul looking to get rich.

Gather your crew and take on the most dangerous pirates this side of interstellar space. Build up your ship’s arsenal using resources gathered from the dangerous Redshift asteroid belt. Strategize by combining Fusion, Solar, Hydro, and Radioactive energy or go all in on one type to destroy your enemies.


Increase your battery storage capacity to make your weapons even more powerful and strike your foes with lasting effects. You’ll have to outsmart everyone if you're going to make it out of this dogfight in one piece. Only the last crew standing will claim the treasure.

One mistake and you’re little more than space junk. 


Cards on Board.jpg
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