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  • Ashley Adkins

12 Things for Your Kids to Write About Before School Starts

Nick was recently talking to a friend who is a teacher and mentioned how we couldn’t get one of our sons to write much. And when we can get him to write, it is as short as possible. The teacher’s response was simple and straight forward – “Your son is not given interesting things to write about!” And the interesting things to write about need to be interesting to him, not us.

Our boys have journals and when they have a babysitter for the day one of the things on their list of to-dos is to write a journal entry. Nick will sometimes think of a writing prompt for them ahead of time and write it down. In the past, Nick has also incorporated drawing prompts into this routine as their journals have a space to draw a picture – we highly recommend a journal with space for words and pictures!

Each child is interested in different subjects but here is our list of writing prompts to get you started! Remember to keep them specific!

1. Write yourself into your favorite TV show as a new character.

2. Design a team logo for a fictional sports team of your choice.

3. Create and name a new super hero and super villain.

4. Describe a new Fortnite dance and draw your family performing it.

5. Write a play about your least favorite food and include at least two characters.

6. Have another member in your household draw a simple shape and turn it into an animal of your choice.

7. Create a comic book about having an alien as a teacher.

8. Design a futuristic car and write about its special features.

9. Brainstorm and write down names of your imaginary baby sister.

10. Invent your own Pokemon including name and powers.

11. Write a Hamilton inspired song about your favorite president.

12. Draw a map of a location you invented. Write a story about something that happened there.

Share your prompt ideas and your children’s creations with us on Facebook at Nick Adkins at Two Monster Books!

Journal Tip from TheHappyTeacher on Facebook: Print journal writing prompts on Avery labels. Students will spend less time saying, “I can’t think of anything to write about” and more time journaling.

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