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Createpage Super Contest (for kids)!

Createpage: Finish the illustration and then write a story about it!

A couple of years ago, I started working on a book to help kids come up with story ideas. Kind of a writing prompt book without words. Needless to say, I didn't get super far--I had too much going on in my head to stop writing. Maybe I'll revisit it at some point, but for now, I wanted to shared this page spread from it.

The idea is to finish the illustration on the left side (maybe it's a pig face or an eyeball or a fish egg or planets aligning, etc) and then write a one page story on the other page.

So...the point of this blog post: we're having a contest! If you click on the image above, you can print out a PDF, draw a picture, write a store, and email it as an attachment to: adkinsn1 at gmail dot com OR send us a message on our Facebook page and attach it there. PDFs and jpegs are best. We will also accept entries by mail or in person. Send us a message if you would like our mailing address. Entries are due by midnight on Sunday 6/5/2016.

My panel of expert judges (Ashley, Logi, and Eli) will pick the their two favorites (I'll remove names beforehand).

1st Prize: $10 Local Bookstore Gift Card

2nd Prize: $5 Local Bookstore Gift Card

Everyone who submits a entry, will be put in a drawing to win a signed copy of one of my books.

Winners from the Greater Lansing Area will receive a gift card from Schuler Books. Otherwise, we will do our best to get a gift card from your local bookstore.

Some tips:

1. Use up as much of the page as you can!

2. Color your picture!

3. Be super creative!

The fine print: submissions may be posted to the Nick Adkins at Two Monster Books Facebook page and/or By entering the contest, you are giving consent to do so. Of course, the artist will keep all rights to his or her creation! This contest is for children. What does that mean?! Use your best judgement. Kids come in a billion different varieties. Submit by midnight, Sunday 6/5/2016.

For questions, email or message us!

Now get those kids creating!!!

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