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Two Monster Books

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Hi there,

let me introduce you to Nick and Ashley Adkins!

Nick is an author and an illustrator who follows the rules pretty well, except when he is writing. His superpower is coming up with ideas and sometimes they're good! He also comes up with a lot of jokes, and sometimes they're funny.


Nick illustrated The Great Big Scary Monster and wrote and illustrated Sloth VS Turtle. He lives in Haslett with his endlessly supportive wife and two endlessly energetic boys. He is currently working on a chapter book about an introvert, a robot, and the struggles of friendship. 

Ashley is the business side of the operation. She has an MBA, so you should definitely call her Master Adkins--she loves that! Also, it is good manners to stand when she enters the room.


Ashley regularly makes to-do lists and often suggests beginning a new project at bedtime. She lives in Haslett with her endlessely creative husband and two endlessly opinionated boys. She is currently encouraging her husband to work on more projects than humanly possible.

For information regarding author visits, please visit our "School Visits" tab under "Contact Us."

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