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  • Nick Adkins

is this real life?!

I read an article about how we perceive time differently as children. All of those memories of waiting--waiting in lines, waiting for birthdays--that seemingly took entire lifetimes to pass; that one more minute our grown-ups promised us really felt like a little more than one minute! Heaven forbid we get more out of every minute!. (Of course waiting around is great because it lets your mind wander, but I'll save that for another day.) And this is surely why I can't seem to keep up with my kids most of the time. (Does coffee help adults perceive time differently?)

The point is that now, a quarter of the way through my long, long life, I can't get things to slow down. The kids are growing way too fast. They beat me in games now, and sometimes rub it in. And time, spare time, is elusive. I'm bored plenty, but at work (my non-creative grown-up work), being bored isn't like it was on summer vacation when I was ten. I let my mind be free on lunch. Today, I sat outside and pretended that I was in Tattle City and that the wind whistling between buildings was actually the sound of waves. I'm thankful for times like that. Unfortunately, letting this mind be free during working hours tends to reduce productivity.

What is the point of this post again? I'm not entirely sure. I guess it's like a public electronic journal and writing in it helps to unclutter my mind a bit. But blogs are supposed to have a take-away for the reader; so I have come to understand. The take-away? I also understand that it is better if it is not immediately clear.

I will say that as more things take up more time, I appreciate the time that I am doing what I want to be doing so much more. But I expect to be thankful and not take that time for granted when I have more of it, which is exactly what I am working for.

Does this make since? I'm very tired. Is this real life?

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