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  • Nick Adkins

A Re-evaluation

It seems I've already mastered this blog thing. I write two posts on the first day I have it, and then neglect it for a month. That kind of sums up what this post is about, though. In the month of April, my third book had a successful release, I started on its sequel and continued on its prequel (I like to have one writing project and one illustrating project going at a time), learned I would be at work (my not writing/illustrating work) a whole lot more, and had the fun of a school visit and a charity event. Throw in the boys learning how to ride bikes without training wheels, a kindergarten round-up, etc and it was quite the month!

I should say now how very thankful I am for all of those things. But the busyness has made me take a step back to re-evaluate how my time is being spent. Long story slightly shorter, I have made the decision to pursue literary representation and a publisher who can better handle the aspects of book-making that have been taking up more time than the actual creative process. Marketing, sales, event planning; these are things I was ready and I am glad to have taken on, but in my night time work window, I would like to be creating. I have a growing list of ideas and I would like to focus in on those.

That being said, any little bit of assistance in this would be really very helpful. There are hundreds of books, paperback and electronic out there and if I could get just a small percentage of readers to (take some time out of your own very busy days and nights and) leave some feedback on Amazon, I would be overjoyed! Seriously, I would be! And in the off-chance that any of those readers are well-acquainted with an agent or someone in the publishing business and that that reader likes any of the books to pass them on...that would be even better :)

For those who have made it this far, thank you! Thanks for reading and for the ongoing support of this crazy business I've taken up! Have a relaxing night :)

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