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  • Nick Adkins

I am no longer in the minority. I have a blog.

I thought writing a first blog post might be a difficult task. Too much white space can be pretty intimidating for the person who has to fill it. When that white space is for a rather new medium like a blog, I think it can really stop a writer in his or her tracks. In the past I've found myself worrying about writing something profound. But this is a blog. I don't plan on writing anything profound here, and that's helpful. Afterall, it's called a blog, and when you mix words like web and log to make a single new word, it's hard to take it seriously.

Moving on. This, I think, will serve as a better place to dish up information than my usualy outlet (Facebook) because I can be a bit wordier and I like that. In fact, I got so wordy with what I originally wrote here that I cut it out for a second blog post. This is going to take some practice. Bear with me :)

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